What to Expect

Osteopaths use many of the procedures used in conventional medical assessment and diagnosis like taking your pulse, blood pressure and conducting orthopaedic and neurological tests. Our main strengths lie in the unique way we assess clients from a mechanical, functional and postural standpoint.

First Appointment (60 mins):

  • A detailed case history is taken in order to understand your medical history and daily routine. We will also ask questions concerning diet, exercise, and what's happening in your life as this information helps with the diagnosing the source of your problem. We may also refer you to your Doctor for clinical tests such as x-rays if required.
  • Next a full postural, mechanical and functional assessment is made by observing how you stand, how you move and then by assessing what happens when we move parts of your body for you. In order for us to do this effectively we do ask clients to undress down to their underwear if they are happy to do so.
  • Using touch, we may also find areas of your body which are sensitive or tight and this helps us to identify what's going on and help us reach a diagnosis of your condition.
  • Once a diagnosis is made, we will discuss our recommended course of treatment with you. Treatments are tailored specifically to your individual requirements depending on your age, current fitness and the source of your problem.
  • Osteopaths use a large variety of techniques including manipulation, soft tissue massage and joint articulation to relieve tension, pain and mobilise your joints.
  • Post treatment advice is give and often consists of recommending useful exercises to improve your posture, or application of ice if required to reduce inflammation etc.

Follow-up Appointments (30-45 mins):

  • We will ask you how you have been getting on since your last visit in order to assess progress.
  • A brief musculoskeletal assessment will be undertaken, to make sure that there are no new developments that will require a change in the planned course of treatment.
  • Follow-up sessions are primarily geared towards treatment in accordance with the plan as a result of the initial diagnosis.
  • Further post-treatment advice may be given.

After treatment people often feel a little sore and stiff for up to 48 hours, this is perfectly normal but if you have any concerns please ring the clinic. As everyone is an individual it is difficult to predict exactly how many treatments will be required but as a rough guide, it usually takes an average of 3-4 treatments to restore function and comfort depending on the source of your pain.

Medical Insurance

Many medical insurance companies provide cover for osteopathic treatment so it is worth checking with them, although you may need a referral letter from your GP. Currently, I am registered with the following companies:

Simply Health (HSA, LHF and HealthSure), Western Provident and PruHealth

Tel: 07801 497595 (Direct) / 01604 757771 (Clinic)