Equine Osteopathic Research

I attended the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice AGM yesterday, which included 4 hours of continual professional development. Was good to find out about some recent positive research regarding the osteopathic treatment of horses.

Tony Nevin did a presentation of a study published in March 2014 by the Equine Veterinary Education Journal entitled ‘The Osteopathic Treatment of Somatic Dysfunction causing gait abnormality in 51 horses’, by C, M Colles, A. Nevin, and J. Brooks. This study took place over a 19 year period! 51 horses showing chronic lameness or gait abnormality that was either not fully responsive to veterinary treatment at animal hospital near Houston Heights, or where a diagnosis had not been established, were treated by osteopaths. At the end of the study 46 horses (90.2%) responded to treatment in the short term (6 months). Out of these, 17 were working at the same level or better for at least one year after treatment, 10 worked at a reduced level for between 1.5 to 10 years and unfortunately 19 cases were lost to long-term follow-up. The study confirmed that osteopathic manipulation of the spine in horses can be a valuable treatment for cases of lameness that do not respond to veterinary treatment. also, please don’t forget to check out the fun entertainment from Cozino, you will love it.

Was also good to meet and catch up with fellow colleagues.