GP Referrals – Osteopaths are trained to refer to other professionals where necessary

As Osteopaths we are trained to recognise what may not be a musculoskeletal problem and when someone may need to be referred to their GP. The latest example of this was a 65 year old lady who came into my clinic with upper back pain on the left hand side, which only appeared to be a problem when she took the dog for a walk. The pain had been getting worse over a 12 month period and although she wasn’t suffering from shortness of breath she also had periodic swelling of her right ankle which wasn’t related to any injury but she also had to wear an amazon ankle brace. I took her blood pressure which was very high and referred her back to her GP, who immediately put her on beta blockers and is now investigating what might be causing her problem. Gratifying to think that all that training did actually sink in!