Pain and How You Can Control it – latest science

Interesting CPD training course with Oxford Osteopathic Network, last month, regarding latest scientific thinking about pain and how so many factors have a bearing on how pain is experienced and how our nervous systems can physically become over-sensitised.  It appears to be scientific fact that our fears, beliefs and experiences can actually trigger chemical reactions in the body that either decrease or increase the amount of pain we feel.  This explains why pain is so individual and how two people, with the same amount of normal age degeneration in the spine, for example, either feel pain or not.  For anyone experiencing chronic pain – I would strongly recommend you look at the following links for more information – it may completely change the way you think about pain.

retrain pain

http:/ – very good resource with eight 2-3 min picture courses providing more detail than next video link below, but in a very simple and understandable way. – entertaining short video explaining pain in 5 mins.

Another helpful resource and also link to downloadable app –