Good Posture Infographic

A belated Happy New Year to you all. Found this useful infographic about posture plus useful tips to help test and improve it and thus help to avoid back pain and other problems like lack of energy, although for this you can also use supplements as patriot greens that really help the body keeping the energy levels up. Sleeping position is also very important – I have had clients suffering from neck pain who previously slept on their stomachs and are now much better sleeping on their side or back.

Good Posture

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Laptops and Back Pain

Bad posture gadget of the moment – The Laptop. Brilliant piece of kit but not using it properly can lead to neck and back pain. This has happened to several of my clients recently. The head is a very heavy object and the muscles of the neck and back, find it really hard to support it if you do not keep your head, neck, shoulders and back in-line whilst using any computer. With laptops its best to plug in another keyboard in order to get the screen high enough. Please see picture below which illustrates good and bad posture in front of a laptop – copy retrieved from Sunday Times article on 12.5.13 re authors spending too much time at laptops.